Five guides to creating game scenarios

A new selection of books for developers has been released. This time it is useful for game writers.

The selection was compiled by the 80lvl portal, and translated App2Top.ru .

Video Game Storytelling
The first is “Narration in video games:

What every developer should know about narrative techniques.” Author Evan Skolnick has compiled a guide to writing game plots with examples from many hits. And he also described how each team member influences the narrative in the game.

Slay the Dragon: Writing Great Video Games
One of the authors of “Kill the Dragon: Writing Great Video Games” is Keith Giglio, an experienced Hollywood screenwriter.

Together with Robert Bryant, he offers creative solutions for game scenarios. The book is suitable for writers who want to get their hands on interactive storytelling.

Story Structure and Development
Professor Craig Caldwell has written a guide for animators, VFX artists, game designers and VR specialists.

His “Structure and Plot Development” explains how to combine the work of visual designers with the work of game writers. The book includes useful tips from industry professionals.

The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Writing and Design
TheComplete Guide to Writing and Designing Video Games by Flint Dille and John Platten is a guide to creating stories that will evoke an emotional response from players.

It also discusses the difference between creating a script using the original IP and licenses.

Interactive Stories and Video Game Art: A Storytelling Framework for Game Design
“Interactive Stories and Video Games: The Basics of Scenarios for Game Design” by Chris Solarski studies visual storytelling using the example of The Last of Us, Journey and Minecraft.

The book promises to help in writing a meaningful interactive story.

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