SuperData: the growing attention to narrative has allowed story games to earn more

The plot is one of the main reasons why single titles are played. As a result, a good story today can affect sales. That’s what SuperData thinks.

The company interviewed gamers who play single titles, why they play them. Half noted that one of the important factors is the plot. According to the players, the importance of battles and exploration of the world is about the same.

Company analyst Courtney Sanders believes, based on these results, that there is a demand for good stories in the industry. If earlier deep plots were mainly the lot of indie projects that could afford creative experiments, and AAA titles were criticized for a superficial narrative, today everything is different, because “players who prefer single-player games appreciate the plot in them on a par with other game mechanics.”

SuperData Analyst

Courtney believes that it was a more serious plot that allowed the new God of War to earn only $ 131 million in the first months. Very good sales during the launch months were also shown by such story projects as The Witcher 3 and Uncharted 4.

All this reinforces his thesis that there is a noticeable demand for a high-quality narrative in the market.

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Source: SuperData

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