"No jerks": the lead screenwriter of Life is Strange spoke about the selection of a team of plot authors

Zak Garris, the head of the development of the scenario of the interactive adventure Life is Strange: Before the Storm, told how he managed to gather a creative team to work on the plot of the game. According to Harris, he was guided by the main rule: “no jerks in the team.”

He said that he carefully approached the selection of employees and did not hire those whose moral qualities and behavior he doubted. Instead, Harris was looking for kind and modest people who know how to express their opinions correctly.

Led by Zack, the writers of Life is Strange: Before the Storm spent hours discussing each of the characters, their race, gender, and related gameplay elements. These discussions turned into sketches, which gradually formed a general picture of the plot of the future game.

“To create a good team, you need three things: a culture of communication to discuss complex ideas, a culture of transparency so that everyone’s voice is heard, and a mechanism for decision—making,” said Zach Harris.

According to Harris, a well-coordinated team of authors is able to quickly produce high-quality content. He also noted that the inclusion of representatives of different races, cultures and genders in the team enriched the game plot and gave it diversity and versatility.

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