Casual Connect 2012: Monetization statistics in the Amazon Appstore

The director of the Amazon Appstore for Android, Aaron Rubenson, shared some interesting statistics regarding monetization in this market. For example, it turned out that in-app purchases priced at $4.99 are more popular than those priced at $2.99.

In his report at the Casual Connect 2012 conference currently taking place in Seattle, he touched on the issue of trends in the monetization of mobile games and, of course, when presenting this topic, he used data on the Amazon Appstore for Android.  The company’s analysts found a correlation between the number of virtual objects for in-app sales and the average number of purchases that a user makes from a specific application. This means that by increasing the range of “buns” offered, developers can expect to receive large revenues. 

Rubenson also noted that, on average, 16% of the user’s “investments” in the application fall on the first day when it was downloaded, and 52% of the revenue it generates more than a week after the initial download. In addition, he confirmed that there is a trend in the Amazon Appstore similar to the Apple App Store or Google Play – 2% of users bring 30% of revenue on this market.

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