Is Freemium the best type of monetization?

According to the latest NPD data, 40% of users, after playing a freemium game, make an in-game payment.

To begin with, let’s remind you: freemium is, in fact, a classic try—and-buy model, when a user downloads a game for free, and then has the opportunity to purchase levels / the full version for it.

So don’t confuse it with free-to-play (f2p) — the model of all social games, when you can play for free, but small purchases make it possible to play with great comfort and get access to great opportunities. 

As for the study called “The Insights into the Freemium Games Market“, according to its results, about 38% of Americans (from 2 years and older) play certain types of freemium games. And those who pay, as a rule, do it only in the first month of the game. 

Also, the NPD study says that only 15% of players prefer not to download freemium games. 84% of users who have downloaded a similar game application, continue to play similar games in the future. 

It’s funny, but women who prefer freemium games more than men, very rarely and reluctantly decide on in-game purchases, unlike the “stronger” sex. 

But the main discovery of the study is, of course, that 40% of all gamers who launch shareware games have at least once decided to buy in–game content.

More than 6 thousand Americans took part in the survey. 

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