Publishers will be able to distribute games in the App Store by subscription

Apple is launching a model for selling iPad games by monthly subscription. The first publisher to try it out will be the American company Big Fish Games.

Up to this point, you could only buy one game at a time – now Big Fish Games will offer a variety of games for just $6.99 per month. In fact, the subscribed user will be able to play an unlimited number of games – all of which will be available in a special application.

In addition to payment, Wi-Fi Internet access will also be required: games will be transferred to the iPad from the Big Fish data center.

Apple’s share, as usual, will be 30% of revenue. According to Paul Thelen, founder of Big Fish Games, it took them a long time to convince Apple of the profitability of such a model. It is worth noting that in the American market of downloadable casual games, the model of purchasing games by monthly subscription has been in effect for a long time.

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