AppsFlyer: in two years, the retention of 30 days in games has fallen by 20%

AppsFlyer marketing company has published a report on retention (retention level) on mobile platforms for the third quarter of 2022. There is no good news.


The average platform retention on Android is falling for the second year in a row. And significantly. For example, in the last year alone, the retention of 14 days decreased by 6.5% (from 4.6% to 4.3%), and the retention of 30 days — by 10.3% (from 2.9% to 2.6%).

Retention dynamics on Android
The company’s analysts explain the fall due to increased competition in the Android market.

According to their version, a wide choice has led to the fact that users are more distracted and generally less loyal to any particular application.


As for the average retention on the iOS platform, there is no similar decrease. However, there is no growth either. In annual terms, the retention of 14 days fell by 1.5% (to 6.7%), and 30 days — by 4% (to 4.3%).

Retention dynamics on iOS
In general, the situation is stable, but AppsFlyer believes that there is still cause for concern.

It is possible that next year the retention of 30 days on iOS will fall below 4%.


Speaking about the game retention as a whole (based on the total data on both platforms), it sank especially strongly. 30-day retention fell in the third quarter by 10% compared to last year and by as much as 20% compared to the same period two years ago (up to 2.4%).


AppsFlyer did not share the dynamics data here. However, she gave information about which countries have the highest retention rate on average (not gaming, but for all categories). This data generally correlates with which countries have a high average check.

So, according to the marketing company, here are the leaders in 30-day retention among countries:

  • 5.1% — Japan;
  • 3.7% — Canada;
  • 3.6% — South Korea and Australia.

In the US, the average retention rate of 30 days is 3.1%. For comparison, in China it is only 1.3% (this is significantly less than even in Russia, where it is 2.2%).

What to do?

AppsFlyer specialists call internal retargeting the main tool for working with retention (by it they mean push notifications, emails and SMS). This way of working with the audience in games raises the retention of 30 days by 212% on average.

As for external paid retargeting, it is less effective. Those gaming companies that resorted to it in the third quarter of this year, on average, increased retention by 123%.

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