Everyplay is an effective way to reduce advertising costs

The Finnish startup Applicier last week received investments in the amount of $ 4 million. These funds will be used to further develop the Everyplay service, which allows gamers to record video of the gameplay and share these videos with friends.

In August, when the beta version of the service was launched, we noted that it could potentially be a good way to stimulate the growth of the popularity of products. The executive director of Applicier, Jussi Laakkonen, believes that viewing friends’ “ripleys” is 3-5 times more effective than standard video advertising.

More than 400 developers have already “subscribed” to use the Everyplay platform, and the first titles with its support will appear around Christmas. According to Laakkonen, Everyplay will allow medium and small developers to reduce the cost of attracting users.

Recently, an SDK has become available that allows developers to easily integrate the functionality of Everyplay into their games.

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