Google is learning to make money from advertising

According to Velti, in July of this year, the American Android mobile advertising market – for the first time in 2012 – grew due to Apple’s positions. 

Back in June, iOS accounted for 62% of all clicks on advertising banners, but according to the results of July, this figure fell by 4% in favor of Android, thereby bringing its market share to 42%.

The drop in advertising views was observed, however, not on all devices. While the iPhone and iPod Touch indicators decreased by 4% (from 31% to 27%) and 3% (from 22% to 19%) in four weeks, respectively, the number of mobile ad views on the iPad increased (from 9% to 12%). 

The July share of advertising impressions on the most popular Android devices, in turn, did not change compared to their own figures for June: for Samsung Galaxy S II – 3%, for HTC Desire – 1% (both devices occupy the fourth and fifth places in the top 5 devices with the largest number of advertising impressions). The Kindle Fire accounts for the largest number of advertising impressions among Android tablets.

As for the prices for impressions, the overall arrangement for the month, despite the traditional summer recession, has not changed much: the largest eCPM for “weather” applications is $0.90 (in June it was $1). Games with an eCPM of just over $0.75 are only in third place. 

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