Game Insight about ARPU and Mobile MMORPGs

Game Insight is currently preparing a major MMORPG Dragon Eternity for release on iOS and Android. Daria Trushkina, Director of International Development at Game Insight, told why the company, known for such projects as Mystery Manor and Paradise Island, took up a similar project with PocketGamer.

PVP mechanics are becoming more and more popular in the mobile social games market. And not only among users who want to compete with each other, but also among developers interested in high ARPU. 

“The ARPU of PVP games is much higher than that of casual projects. So PVP is the best way to monetize users, and MMORPG is the most convenient as a platform for PVP,” says Daria Trushkina.

But the development of such mobile projects in terms of volume is quite comparable to the creation of desktop projects of this genre. At least in Game Insight, more than a hundred people have been working on Dragon Eternity for two years. 

Despite the very high level of returns and a large base of active users of such projects, they are very, very expensive. The budget of one such game is comparable to 10 casual ones,” Trushkina notes.  

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