Adfonic: Android platform for advertising is better than iOS

The global mobile advertising market Adfonic in its report for the second quarter of this year demonstrated that Android is currently a much more interesting platform for advertising sellers than iOS. 

More specifically, Adfonic found out that Android increased its share of global advertising impressions from 38% in the first quarter of 2012 to 46% in the second. In turn, the share of iOS impressions has greatly decreased: from 45% to 34%. Thus, in just one quarter Android has become a priority advertising market. 

Moreover, this happened not at the expense of any one region, but really globally. In Europe for Android 43% of advertising impressions (in the first quarter of 2012 it was only 35%), in the USA – 63% (in the first quarter it was 46%). We can now say that if you want to make money from advertising – develop applications for Android. 

Out of curiosity: Adfonic also found out that gender targeting of advertising is 46% more effective than non-gender. And, yes, despite the fact that women click on banners less often than men, the probability that, in the end, they will “bite” on it is 53% more than in the case of men. 

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