$400 thousand per month on in-game advertising

The popular mobile hit Fruit Ninja serves as an excellent example of how the free version of the application can earn very impressive amounts due to in-game advertising. According to Phil Larsen, the CMO of the Halfbrick studio that developed it, “Fruit Ninja” brings in over $400,000 monthly.However, according to Larsen, with such a high popularity of this game, the income could be higher.


To manage in-game advertising, Hallfbrick uses one of the largest mobile advertising exchange networks, Mobclix. At the same time, the company deliberately goes to a certain decrease in revenue by blocking spam-like advertisements from dating sites and other similar resources. Finally, we add that the total number of Fruit Ninja downloads as of May this year exceeded 300 million, and the total revenue that all versions of the game bring monthly exceeds $ 1 million.

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