ARPPU on Android is bigger than on iOS

The authors of Tiny Village and Tiny Pets from TinyCo claim that the Android platform has already caught up with iOS in a number of important “payment” indicators. 

The figures published by TinyCo show that both user revenue and the percentage of returning players (retention rates) on the Android platform are higher than on iOS. Also, the new quarterly report of the company indicates that according to the average income from each paying player (ARPPU), Android is beginning to bypass Apple’s mobile platform. The latter is especially noticeable on the Kindle Fire platform.

Here, however, it is necessary to remember that such conclusions of the company are based on statistics collected from its own projects. Whether this experience can be extended to the entire market is a separate question. 

In Tiny Village, weekly ARPPU on iOS is equal to the same on Android. And we expect that in the future it will grow by another 25-40% on Android,” TinyCo says in the report.

“The percentage of returning players in the Android version of Tiny Village is 7% higher than on iOS,” the company also notes. According to TinyCo, this was made possible by optimizing the application. Moreover, the company believes that further polishing of Tiny Village will lead to an even more impressive result. 

The more the user is satisfied with the game, the more they pay,” the developers note, hinting that every year Android becomes an increasingly comfortable platform for the end user. 

TinyCo also states in the report that developers should already pay more attention to integrating applications with Facebook. According to the data presented, users of the social network are much more likely (by about 60%) to pay in TinyCo applications than those who are not registered in it.

Moreover, such users are 138% more active than regular users.

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