Tapjoy: 45% of users, after seeing an ad, click on it

During a survey of the audience, a well-known marketing company found out that advertising inside applications and games is much more popular than is commonly believed. 

It is well known how Tapjoy stimulates the advertising activity of users. She gives them bonuses for clicks and downloads. Moreover, such a policy sometimes costs a pretty penny to customers of companies that pay Tapjoy precisely for downloading their applications. 

By the way, the latter have no guarantees that the player, having received the desired bonus, will not immediately erase the downloaded application. 

Nevertheless, it is clear that the more players download the application, the more likely it is that it will still be launched and played. So Tapjoy has good news for developers: according to a survey, 45% of users activate ads inside applications.

However, there is an opinion that if the company had conducted monitoring, it would, with a high degree of probability, have shown a much more modest result. 

Anyway, 45% is a good figure, it may well both please old customers and lead to TapJoy new ones.  

Lecture hall

Among all age groups, people aged 25-34 pay the most attention to advertising. During the study, they were able to recall the largest number of advertisements. Moreover, half of them said during the survey that they would follow an advertising link inside an application. 

Interestingly, more than a quarter (28%) of respondents of this generation noted that they had already downloaded applications in this way. For comparison, among those aged 18 to 24, there were 1% more of them – 29%. 

Respondents in the survey stated that they would be very willing to click on the advertisement that they chose to view themselves (here, probably, its “genre” was meant).


According to the survey, as a reward, users prefer additional game content or new applications more than gift cards or real money. 

68% of respondents stated that they are very interested in receiving virtual currency for the activation of advertising. Moreover, 32% of respondents noted that they would prefer virtual currency to real money if they had a choice.


Following this news came the news that the developers of OMGPOP have added support for the Tapjoy service to the Android version of Draw Something.

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