How much does advertising bring in f2p?

The creative director of Kiloo company told exactly how much you can earn per day on advertising in mobile applications for iOS.

The monetization of projects distributed for free has been shifting more and more towards freemium lately, but Simon Møller, creative director of the Danish studio Kiloo, is sure that moving away from advertising in applications in this direction is a big mistake.

Advertising for Kiloo is the second source of income. With a DAU reaching 250 thousand, the daily advertising revenue of the application sometimes reaches up to $ 3 thousand per day (which is almost $ 100 thousand per month).

Until April 2011, Tapjoy was the leader in terms of the number of users purchased directly on iOS with its download incentive system,” says Meller. – “But after Apple severely restricted this practice, its competitors became more active. If we talk about us, in 2011 and in the first quarter of 2012, we received the most revenue – in addition to IAP – with ChartBoost and AdColony,” said Meller.

He also stated that while many are sure that advertising annoys users, the number of complaints about it “can fit in the palm of my hand.”

If you have a decent project, if you have a reliable user base, advertising will always help you earn additional income,” Meller added.

But not all advertising platforms are “equally useful“.

Cooperation with AdMob, iAd and Nexage in the past did not bring tangible profits (the effective cost per thousand impressions turned out to be low),” said the creative director of Kiloo. The developer who cooperates with these companies has no control over the advertising that is shown in his applications. Even worse, advertising often has nothing to do with the game.

At the moment, Tapjoy’s eCPM is also very modest: the incentive system on iOS in a stripped-down form has not caught on.

ChartBoost and AdColony services, on the contrary, are still consistently profitable on a par with Flurry and Playhaven.

In general, as already mentioned, cooperation with the first two allowed Kiloo to earn from $ 500 to $ 3000 per day on projects with DAU from 100 thousand to 200 thousand.

A source: http://www.pocketgamer.biz


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