Only 8.5% of Internet traffic comes from mobile devices

The explosive growth of the mobile market does not ensure the equally rapid development of mobile traffic. Advertisers lose on this. Nokia is the leader in the number of mobile traffic. 

Despite the rapid growth in the popularity of smartphones, mobile devices lag far behind PCs in terms of Internet usage. According to the data of the analytical company StatCounter, in 2011, only 8.5% of all Internet visits were on mobile devices.

Tablet data was not included in the statistics. However, even without taking them into account, the attendance of the network by mobile device users has almost doubled over the year: in 2010 it was 4.3%, and in 2009 it was only 1.6%.

Nokia has become the leader in mobile traffic. This can be partly explained by the fact that the Finnish company’s position is still strong in those countries where users prefer to access the network using mobile phones – devices in which Nokia is still the leader in the market.

As for Apple, which NPD yesterday called the strongest player in the smartphone market in the United States, it is the leader in the number of Internet visits in the States and the UK. In other words, in those markets where Apple traditionally has strong sales. 

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