Apple has more than 50% of mobile traffic

According to the results of last December, Apple products accounted for more than 52.1% of mobile traffic. Android gadgets have only 16.2%.

The analytical firm Net Applications has published data on mobile traffic for the whole of 2011. According to these data, in December alone, Apple devices accounted for 52.1% of traffic. In second place were mobile devices using the Java ME platform – they accounted for 21.3%. As for Android gadgets, their share in Internet traffic is even less – 16.2%.

Despite the fact that Apple is significantly ahead of competitors, its share of traffic has been falling in recent months. In October, when the iPhone 4S went on sale, the company reached a maximum of 61.5%. Since then, its traffic has only been declining. However, the December result, if compared with February 2011, has grown: its growth was 5.5%.

What is especially interesting is that almost half of the 51.2% of traffic is on the iPad – 24.5%, although the iPhone still has the first place in popularity – 25.2% is behind it. What proportion falls on the iPod Touch is not specified. Most likely, the traffic of these devices was summed up with the traffic of the iPhone.

The share of Android device traffic, despite the deafening number of downloads and the growth in device sales, is growing very slowly. Judging by the schedule, its level for December is very close to its May result. Then the share of its traffic was 15.86%.

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