About App Promotion: Developer Survey

The ComboApp agency conducted a study in which more than 3 thousand independent developers, 85 top managers and 82 middle managers of large companies engaged in the development of applications for mobile platforms took part.

Quite expected answers were received to the question of which platforms respondents create applications for: Android was in the first place, iOS was in the second.

One of the most interesting questions was about the promotion of applications: developers were asked to name the most effective, from their point of view, methods. These, first of all, include advertising banners inside applications and promotion through social networks. This can be explained by the fact that banners placed in the right applications can attract the most loyal users, and social networks provide access to a wide audience with a small budget.

Among the “Other” answers, the following options should be noted: “We focus on SEO promotion of our site”; “We work with existing customers”, “We do nothing and think it’s time to change something”.

Price marketing is also considered by some experts to be one of the ways of promotion, because it easily allows you to attract the attention of users. The following graph shows which methods of price marketing developers consider the most effective.:

As the “Other” there were such answers: “We release big updates for money, but those who have already installed the app get a discount”, “We use all the methods listed”, “In-app purchases”.

Two popular answers stand out: giving discounts to existing customers and creating a free version of the application. Experience shows that a large base of loyal users and fans can help developers achieve considerable success, and in this sense, the rules of the mobile sector are no different from retail.

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