iOS leads the mobile Internet traffic market

Apple’s operating system continues to dominate the mobile Internet market. According to the latest data from Net Applications, in October, iOS accounted for 61.64% of all global mobile traffic. Every month, its share increases by 6.9%. 

The increase in the share of iOS coincided with the release of its fifth version and the release of the iPhone 4S. Over the first weekend, 4 million new iPhones were purchased.

But although iOS remains the leader, Android also increased its market share by 2.64% in October. Now it owns 18.9% of all global mobile traffic. Having increased its share by 2.64% in October, it moved to second place, pushing Java ME to third. Now the latter owns 12.84% of the mobile traffic market. 

Symbian remained in fourth place with a share of 3.48%, which is 2.64% less than in September. BlackBerry also continues to lose traffic – its share decreased from 3.29% in September to 2.48% in October.

By 2015, the majority of US residents will access the Internet via mobile devices, and not through their personal computers – this is the forecast of IDC. The number of mobile Internet users will continue to grow at an average rate of 16.6% per year, which will be facilitated by the increasing proliferation of smartphones and tablets. As a result, the growth of computer Internet traffic in the United States will slow down, and then slowly begin to fall. A similar situation then awaits Western Europe and Japan.   

The conclusions were made based on 160 million page views in the Net Applications partner network. The company also noted that if iOS is the leader in mobile ad impressions, then Android has more downloaded apps.

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