Mobile advertising: user activity

Two companies – WapStart in Russia and MediaVest in the USA – conducted research on user activity in relation to mobile advertising during the day.

In the USA, 1,000 users aged 13 to 54 who use mobile devices or tablets with the function of Internet access were surveyed. The results showed that Americans are most loyal to mobile advertising at lunchtime.

Regarding the Russian market, statistics from MediaVest’s Plus1 advertising network showed that users start clicking on ads at 11 o’clock in the afternoon and remain active at about the same level until midnight.

Sergey Soldatov, analyst at WapStart, notes: “If we measure the jumps in the user activity graph as accurately as possible, then the Russian audience is more active in the evenings. On weekends, user activity increases already around 15 hours and does not subside until the end of the day. The evening on weekends is the most clickable time. On weekdays, from 16 to 18 hours, a certain decline in activity is recorded, then a jump up again.”

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