iOS is the leader in terms of Internet traffic

NetApplications has published a report on the volume of Internet traffic of users with various devices. In it, for the first time, she separately presented information about mobile devices.

In the first place, which is not surprising, were devices based on iOS. Their combined share is 53.04%, while Android, despite the increase in sales and a large number of devices, has only 16%. Blackberry is in fifth place with 3.33%, followed by Windows Mobile (including Window Phone), which has won back only 0.34% so far.

If you look at the distribution of market shares by devices and versions, again, iOS representatives are in the lead. In the first place is the iPhone, with 27.39% of the market, and in second place is the iPad with 22.5%.

The graphs show complete information about the use of the Internet by users of various mobile devices.


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