Mobile App Marketing: 10 Tips

It’s not enough just to create a mobile app, you need to know how to sell it profitably. The best and most profitable way is to place your product in one of the app stores, for example, on the Apple App Store or Google Android Market.  Each of them has its own rules, but, nevertheless, it is possible to give some general recommendations.

Now there are about one and a half million other applications on the market. How not to get lost among this diversity and attract due attention to your product? How to win the love of customers and ensure the popularity of your application?

Here are 10 simple tips.

 1. Be originalOriginality is the main advantage of the product.

Only fresh ideas have the greatest chance of success. Thus, there are two ways in front of you:

– develop an innovative application;
– to present an already existing category in a new light.

Today it is difficult to offer a truly new idea or category, since the market is more than developed. Therefore, the second way is safer – the improvement of existing developments. Study the application that you want to take as a basis. What is missing in it? What can be improved?   

New unique features will undoubtedly attract the attention of customers, and this will favorably affect your reputation in any app store.

 2. Plan your strategy Any project needs clear planning and execution.

Think over your marketing policy.

– Develop an original marketing plan and do it in advance.
– Put yourself in the place of a potential buyer. Would you buy your product? Does it attract you as a consumer?
– Combine the features of different categories – perhaps you will get something new and unique.
– Is there too much competition in your segment? Find your niche. So you are more likely to attract attention.

 3.      Create effective advertising

Before presenting your product, you need to create an effective and catchy advertisement for it. This way you can attract potential customers and move on.

4.      Create your own website

A good website contributes greatly to the effective promotion of the product. Think about how you can present your application in an original way and attract visitors. Show the application in action, enter interactive elements. Tell your customers why it is profitable to buy your app. The website can become your main marketing tool.

 5.      Communicate

Start a Twitter page. Here you can get the attention of many people, while completely free. Just write about your product as often as possible, more and more interesting. Think through the arguments in advance to convince customers of the benefits of your application. A message on Twitter contains only 140 characters, so decide in advance what and how to say it.

Don’t be afraid to joke when advertising your product on Twitter. Ease will play into your hands. For example, the phrase “Be careful: everyone who plays a new game N forgets to have lunch and dinner” can provide you with more retweets than the standard “Company Z presents a new game N”.

 6. Speak simply

When communicating on social networks, speak simply, openly and accessible. Imagine talking to your friends. 

7. Use blogs

Start a blog and update it regularly. Websites about technical innovations and review articles on the topic will also help you attract the masses. Try to enlist their support as well.

 8. Show up in the media

Create a high-quality advertisement for your product. It is important not only to develop a unique product, but also to advertise it. Create a free press kit for your application, include high-resolution screenshots and videos in it. Organize promotions and contests with the distribution of promo codes and prizes.

Invite famous bloggers to distribute your promo codes. In this case, other blogs will start posting information about your application on their main pages. This is an even more effective and reliable approach than advertising on Twitter.

In addition, find blogs of a suitable subject, and you will find the way to the target audience without too much effort.

9. Use teasers.

Launch an ad for the app at the beginning of the day, creating intrigue around your product with the help of teasers. Place a “Soon on sale” banner on your website: perhaps it will attract the first customers.

You can also launch a trailer on YouTube. If you manage to make it interesting and unusual, the application can become popular even before the release.

10. Big startA large advertising campaign should be accompanied by an equally large launch.

Send out announcements on social networks, as well as organize a solemn launch of your application online. You should be talked about in the media.

A little advice – having provided powerful advertising support, focus on the quality of the product, otherwise all your efforts will be in vain.

And in conclusion

Of course, there is no ideal strategy for success, but if you follow the above tips, your mobile marketing will become more successful.

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