Advertising on mobile devices - personalized ads and coupons

The controversy surrounding tracking users’ location using mobile devices and location-linked advertisements can now be resolved quickly.

According to a recent study, users prefer ads that meet their interests rather than ads tied to their location.

The survey, conducted by Luth Research in collaboration with the mobile marketing company Upstream, covers the responses of 2,000 representatives of the adult population of the United States. Ads on mobile devices, and especially various offers for user requests, are considered by respondents as more effective.

59% of users of conventional mobile devices and 60% of smartphone users said that they prefer personalized offers rather than advertising related to time (17-19%), lifestyle (10-16%) or location (8-14%).

This does not mean that advertising offers from companies such as Foursquare, Facebook, Gowalla will not get the proper return. It’s just that these companies can increase the conversion of advertisements by distributing them according to the tastes of customers. And considering that there are a huge number of places in the user’s environment where he can go, the need to start from his tastes becomes even higher.

It also turned out that smartphone users prefer to receive colorful coupons, while users of conventional mobile devices prefer text messages.

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