Terraria, one of the biggest indie games of the past decade, has now surpassed 1 million reviews on Steam. It is now the only title with “Overwhelmingly Positive” rating to reach this milestone.

According to SteamDB data (spotted by Twitter user demize), Terraria now has 978,864 positive and only 21,444 negative reviews on Steam. This gives it a 97.11% rating.

Other top games with “Overwhelmingly Positive” rating are Garry’s Mod (838k positive reviews), Left 4 Dead 2 (630k positive reviews), The Witcher 3 (622k positive reviews), and Euro Truck Simulator 2 (555k positive reviews).

Steam has its own review system, with “Overwhelmingly Positive” status given to games with 95-100% positive reviews. It is followed by “Very Positive” (85%+), “Positive” (80%+), “Mostly Positive” (70%+), “Mixed” (40+%), etc.

It is worth noting that Terraria is not the only game on Steam with over 1 million reviews. For example, CS:GO has 6.6 million reviews and GTA V has around 1.4 million reviews. However, all of these titles have a “Positive” rating or lower.

So that is quite an impressive achievement for an indie game that came out in 2011 and is still beloved by millions of players. According to SteamDB, Terraria still attracts between 20k and 30k concurrent players every day.