The original Half-Life game has broken its own record for the number of peak concurrent players. This once again shows that the series has a strong community even decades after its release.

The #RememberFreeman online flash mob was organized last month by YouTuber Radiation Hazard and other members of the Half-Life community.

They wanted to show that players still remember and love Valve’s series of first-person shooters. So the goal was to play Half-Life 1 on August 14 at the set time and be logged in for at least 30 minutes.

According to the campaign’s website, people had to play only the vanilla version of Half-Life, excluding Blue Shift and Opposing Force expansions, as well as different mods.

As a result, the community managed to double the previous record of 6,022 peak concurrent players. On August 14, 12,280 users were playing the first Half-Life simultaneously (via SteamDB).

Radiation Hazard has already released a video titled “We did it…”, thanking all the fans who participated in the campaign.

While the future of the Half-Life series remains vague, it is safe to say that these games are still loved by many people across the globe.