Games industry veteran Hiroyuki Kobayashi has left Capcom after 27 years. The prominent producer will now be working for Chinese tech giant NetEase.

Resident Evil 4

Kobayashi announced his decision on Twitter, saying that he departed from Capcom on March 31. He will share more details about his new role at NetEase later.

“I will strive to continuously create more enjoyable entertainment experiences for everyone at this new company, in this new era,” the developer wrote.

Hiroyuki Kobayashi joined Capcom in 1995 as a programmer on the first Resident Evil. He later went on to work on Dino Crisis and produced games like Devil May Cry, Resident Evil 4, Dragon’s Dogma, and Mega Man 11.

NetEase is one of China’s leading tech companies. It mainly focuses on developing and publishing mobile games, as well as licensing and operating titles like Overwatch and Minecraft in China. The company also recently helped Blizzard develop Diablo Immortaland backed a new studio of Yakuza creator Toshihiro Nagoshi.