Another report on mass layoffs at a major game company has appeared. Unity has cut hundreds of employees across the globe and stopped hiring new people.

Kotaku first reported the news on June 29, citing multiple sources familiar with the matter.

  • Layoffs reportedly affected “pretty much every corner of the company,” with a concentration in the AI and engineering departments.
  • Messages about job cuts also appeared on Blind, the anonymous messaging board for tech industry professionals. They say that Unity laid off around 300-400 people.
  • The company will continue to pay laid-off employees for another month, offering them a further month of severance and COBRA health coverage.
  • People who have lost their jobs are said to be able to apply for other open positions. The thing is that Unity reportedly stopped hiring new staff across all departments.
  • According to sources, the company’s CEO John Riccitiello said two weeks ago that Unity had a solid financial footing and wouldn’t cut anyone.
  • Protocol later shared a statement by the company, saying that the layoffs have affected 4% of its workforce. As of 2021, Unity employed 5245 people, meaning that over 200 employees have lost their jobs as a result.
  • “As part of a continued planning process where we regularly assess our resourcing levels against our company priorities, we decided to realign some of our resources to better drive focus and support our long-term growth,” Unity said.