Germany’s Ministry of Economic Affairs has invested €5.6 million in the country’s games industry. The funds were allocated to several local studios and startups, including Deponia developer Daedalic Entertainment.

  • Daedalic received over €2 million for its unannounced project codenamed It’s Magic, which is expected to come out in August 2024. The studio is now working on The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum, an upcoming stealth action game launching in September 2022.
  • Studio Fizbin received €1.3 million for its upcoming action roguelike Project: Kokidon. The team was previously granted €200k for Ice Dance Nomads.
  • CipSoft, known for its already discontinued blockchain game LiteBringer, received over €1 million from the federal government. The studio is now working on zombie survival RPG Persist Online.

The Ministry has invested around €27 million in game developers since March 2022. As of now, the list of studios with the highest subsidies includes Limbic Entertainment (€2.8 million), Ubisoft Blue Byte (€2.6 million), Grimlore Games (€2.5 million), King Art (€2.4 million), and Realmforge Studios (€2.2 million).