Gismart has announced its shift towards a remote-first work model, meaning that its staff will now be able to work from any location. The mobile publisher will also open special hubs across Europe at the convenience of its employees.

With this move, Gismart wants to offer full flexibility to its employees. It also committed to opening hubs at locations with more than 10 workers or at their request, if this number is fewer.

The company has already opened hubs in countries like Poland and Georgia, planning to create new ones in Portugal this summer. It also offers relocation packages to employees wishing to move to Poland or Portugal.

“Gismart has switched to the hybrid working environment two years ago, yet still keeping the standard offices running,” CEO Dmitri Lipnitsky said. “Over this time we have learned the benefits of working remotely including reaching and keeping valuable talent by providing a higher degree of trust, flexibility, and support during tough times.”

The company has started hiring people regardless of their geographical location since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. With some of its employees in Ukraine fleeing the country, Gismart decided to provide all staff with full geographical flexibility perpetually.

As of now, Gismart employs over 350 people globally. It is now operating several mobile titles, surpassing 1 billion downloads on mobile last December.