Valve has come up with a solution to resume payments to Steam developers based in Ukraine and Russia following the suspension last month.

The problem was partially fixed on April 20. According to an email shared on the Russian Steam community, developers from the Russian Federation must update their banking details to start receiving payments again.

  • From now on, Valve requires information about an intermediary bank, including its SWIFT code and country.
  • “We will be unable to send payments to any payees or banks who are on the US Sanctions list or banks that have been delisted from the SWIFT network,” the company noted in the email.
  • This means that devs will be able to use Russian banks, which are not under sanctions, but they will have to additionally use their foreign intermediaries.
  • Developers must update payment information before April 24, so they can receive all unpaid amounts earned before March 31 on their accounts.
  • On April 20, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov wrote on Twitter that Valve “resumed payments for Ukrainian developers by introducing changes into banking procedures.”
  • It seems that developers based in Belarus are still unable to receive payments at the moment of writing this article.

On March 18, a lot of devs received notifications from Valve, saying that the company was unable to send bank payments to these three countries “due to the current environment.”