Prominent game designer David Jaffe, known for his work on series like God of War and Twisted Metal, has claimed that Tencent once wanted him to direct a game with a $100 million budget. However, he refused to partner with the Chinese tech giant.

Jaffe opened up about it in the latest episode of the Sacred Symbols+ podcast. He turned down the opportunity to lead the development of an announced title “because you’re Tencent and I want nothing to do with you” (via VGC).

“It was bad because it was the western Tencent, and it was a western guy that I respect that was calling me and I wasn’t trying to shame the guy,” Jaffe explained. “I hope he’s got thick enough skin, and he’s been an executive in the business way longer than I have, but I was just like ‘man, I don’t want to do business with a company like that, with a government like that.’”

After the story went public, Jaffe noted that he didn’t have an actual offer from Tencent. The company only talked about him directing a $100 million budget game. He also shared a screenshot of a letter, in which he explained his decision to reject this opportunity.

David Jaffe started his journey in the games industry in the early 90s. He became famous for directing Twisted Metal and the first two titles in the God of War series. Jaffe also has his own web show Gabbin+Games, where he tells stories and talks about the current state of the games industry.