Coda is now reportedly nearing a deal to raise private funds at around a $2.5 billion valuation. The Singaporean firm is known for providing payment solutions for Activision, Tencent, and other big game companies.

Advent and Primavera are named among investors to participate in the upcoming round, Bloomberg reported on April 11. The deal will be announced later this week, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Coda Payments will raise funds to “fuel growth plans.” The company has previously been working with Goldman Sachs Group on different options, including an IPO, a potential sale of business, and a private round.

Although the Singapore-based firm was looking for a valuation of $4 billion, the number has eventually decreased. However, the final value could still change.

Coda’s customers include Tencent, Activision Blizzard, Krafton, Riot Games, and other global game publishers. The company provides services and solutions to collect payment for mobile and online games, video on demand, and music streaming.