Distimo: Apple Market is a popular promotion tool

The App Store is used for promotion by all the largest companies in the world. This conclusion was made by Distimo after analyzing the Apple mobile application market.

What did the analysts do? They took the top 100 most expensive brands in the world according to Interbrand 2012 and looked if they have their own app on the App Store. As it turned out, most have. Only 12 companies, including Gillette, KFC, Corona and Jack Daniels, were too lazy to release something to the mobile application market. 

As for the nature of the presence of global brands in the Apple app store, most of them use the App Store, as a rule, as a marketing tool (for example, IKEA) or an additional source of income (as in the case of Disney).

By the way, Sony, Disney, Samsung, MTV and SAP have the most programs in the App Store. As for the popularity of branded apps, the maximum number of downloads from, who would doubt, Apple, Disney, Facebook, Google and eBay.

It is clear that not all applications from the “rich and famous” are universally successful and have a high number of downloads. For example, applications from Gap, Johnson & Johnson, Harley-Davidson and Pampers are downloaded only in the USA. 

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