Epic Games has officially introduced RealityScan, a new scanning app that turns smartphone photos into 3D models. Developed in collaboration with Capturing Reality, the product is now live in limited beta.

With RealityScan, the company wants to make 3D scanning available to creators of different skill sets.

As pointed out by Capturing Reality co-founder Michal Jancosek, the new app will help people “better understand basic scanning principles, bridging the gap between beginners and professionals.”

RealityScan lets users transform real-life objects into digital assets using an iPhone camera. The app uses special photogrammetry software to create realistic 3D models out of smartphone pictures without additional technical tools.

3D scans can be directly uploaded to Epic Games-owned platform Sketchfab, which allows users to publish and sell 3D, VR, and AR content.

RealityScan is now available to 10,000 users via TestFlight, with a wider Early Access launch on iOS in Spring. An Android version will come out later this year.

Capturing Reality is best known for its RealityCapture app, which lets users create seamless 3D models out of unordered photos. Epic Games acquired the Slovak company in 2021 for an undisclosed sum.