Unity has announced that its Gaming Services will leave open beta in June 2022. The new suite of tools should help developers create and manage cross-platform multiplayer games built with the engine.

Unity Gaming Services was first introduced in October 2021. The company offered developers a suite to support live games, including the ability to track player engagement and sync game logic with Unity’s backend services.

According to VentureBeat, more than 54k developers have tested Gaming Services and used the new tools in over 6000 projects over the last six months.

The list of features available at global launch includes Analytics (real-time tracking of player behavior and game performance), Cloud Save (cross-device accounts), Economy (monetization tools), and Relay (peer-to-peer connections for multiplayer games).

In other news about Unity, the company revealed Enemies, a new tech demo showing the company’s progress in the area of creating digital humans and photorealistic graphics rendered in real-time.