Ubisoft has revealed its new cloud technology Scalar, which will be used for creating next-gen virtual worlds. The purpose is to populate them with huge numbers of players and update them in real time.

Scalar, developed by Ubisoft Stockholm, was introduced during a GDC presentation on March 17.

“Ubisoft Scalar is an essential piece of technology that enables Ubisoft titles to harness the power of the cloud,” the company said (via Tech News Inc). “In fact, it’s also a huge shift in mentality. Try to imagine yourself 10 years in the future and imagine what games should be, what they could be, what you might expect from games and how they were made.”

Key takeaways from the presentation

  • Scalar is what video games would look like 10 years in the future, according to Ubisoft.
  • While game streaming is just another distribution model, the new cloud-based technology is about to “fundamentally change” video games and offer new possibilities both for players and developers.
  • Scalar is not a game engine but a tool that can accelerate real-time production using cloud technologies.
  • Games created with Scalar are live, meaning that they can be changed and updated in real time. People would be able to play them offline, but they would access new opportunities when connected to the cloud.
  • Using Scalar, Ubisoft studios will be able to populate big virtual worlds with huge numbers of players and create complex simulations.
  • The company hopes that the new technology will help connect players and content creators, so they can create social experiences together.

Ubisoft Stockholm is now developing the first game with Scalar based on a new IP. However, there are no details about its genre or targeted release date.