Detroit: Become Human is now officially the most commercially successful game in the history of Quantic Dream. The title has sold over 6.5 million units worldwide since its launch In April 2018.

Quantic Dreams shared the news in its latest financial report on March 16, saying that Detroit also surpassed 1 million copies sold on Steam in 2021.

For comparison, Heavy Rain, which made Sony more than €100 million, reached 5.3 million units sold in 2017 (both on PS3 and PS4). Beyond: Two Souls has sold 2.8 million copies as of July 2018, and Fahrenheit sold over 1 million units since its launch in 2005.

The ongoing success of Detroit helped Quantic Dream report record financial results for three years in a row. It is now working on Star Wars Eclipse, with different sources claiming that the studio is now experiencing problems with development and hiring new people in the wake of multiple harassment allegations.