Kowloon Nights, a fund for indie developers, has generated $150 million across its big gaming catalog. On top of that, the company also signed eight new titles.


The revenue milestone highlights Kowloon Nights’ value, including “fair terms, a developer-first approach, and focus on supporting studios in their self-publishing efforts,” the fund said in a statement.

To further support its partners, the company will provide developers with a suite of tools from Kepler Interactive, including press, distribution, business development, and other services.

Kowloon Nights also signed eight games from several developers:

  • A new “secret” project from Aggro Crab, a studio known for its dungeon crawler Going Under;
  • Worship, a “cultist-themed take on the roguelike genre inspired by Pikmin” from Montreal-based studio Chasing Rats Games;
  • Techtonica, a factory-building game from Fire Hose Games;
  • An unannounced title from Boyfriend Dungeon developer Kitfox Games;
  • Two new games from League of Geeks, known for its digital board game Armello;
  • Musical ARPG Sword of Symphony from developer, musician, and animator Stephen Ddungu;
  • A “passion project” from Amsterdam-based indie studio Webble Games.

Kowloon Nights, founded in 2017, provides indie developers with production funding. Its portfolio includes games like Spiritfarer, Sifu, Sea of Stars, and Godfall.