Prime-time mobile advertising

The Russian analytical companies WapStart and Openstat conducted a study of the mobile audience of the Runet in order to evaluate the advertising opportunities of this market segment.

According to the data obtained, the period of the greatest advertising susceptibility for Russian users is evening and weekend. Moreover, on weekends, users’ attention to advertising was increased by 5.8% (the average CTR on weekends is 0.2808%, on weekdays – 0.2653%).

The greatest interest is, of a kind, prime-time advertising by time of day. The peak of “click” activity falls at 10.00 am, lunch 14.00-15.00 and evening 20.00-21.00.

The highest CTR is given by users of iOS devices – 0.46%. Moreover, this year the share of Apple mobile devices in total Internet traffic has grown from 23 to 34%.

You can fully read the report on the mobile audience of Runet at the following link

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