Epic Games has announced that it now has more than 500 million registered accounts. The number, however, is confusing, considering that it is no different from the data shared last year.

The Fortnite maker reported the news on February 16, also saying that The Matrix Awakens demo has been already downloaded over six million times (via VentureBeat).

Although the 500 million milestone is huge, it is still unclear how many people only play Epic’s games like Fortnite and how many users make purchases on the Epic Games Store.

Things get even more complicated when looking at the note on one of the slides shared by Epic Games: “Data correct as of January 2022.” The company reported the exact same number in June 2021, saying that “Epic Games now has over 500 million accounts with 2.7 billion friend connections across Fortnite, Rocket League, and the Epic Games Store.”

It probably means that the number of registered accounts hasn’t grown considerably over the last seven months. Or the company just decided to share the same stats twice.