Apple and Samsung have captured most of America's mobile Traffic

Smartphones of these companies account for 63% of all mobile traffic in Canada and the USA. Moreover, 5% is the joint share of Samsung Galaxy III and iPhone 5 flagships.  

Samsung smartphones account for 17% of mobile traffic in the USA and Canada, according to analysts of the online advertising network Shitika based on monitoring from October 3 to 9, 2012. That’s not much, considering that Apple smartphones account for 46% of North America’s mobile traffic. 

Curiously, Shitika focuses on something else: on comparing the share of web traffic of the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy III. The company claims that just a few weeks after the release of the iPhone 5, the share of its mobile presence turned out to be greater than the share of the Samsung Galaxy III, which hit the shelves back in the summer: 3% vs. 2%. 

However, the company misses one important point: it is incorrect to compare the traffic of two devices when one of them has just come out. It is clear that users of the new product, which is currently experiencing peak sales due to its recent entry into the market, are more active online than those who have already played enough with Samsung Galaxy III. This is a natural process. And the mobile presence of iPhone 5 users will also decrease over time. 

As noted in one of the comments on the official page of the analytical company, it would be much more logical to compare mobile traffic during the Christmas season, when high sales of both devices would be due to one reason. Or, on the contrary, in the post-Christmas period, when the interest in high-tech gifts received in November-December, users, as a rule, decreases.

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