Tencent has managed to partly settle its tensions with the Chinese regulators. Although the tech giant will be able to release updates for several mobile apps from its catalog, it is unclear whether the restriction on the release of new products will remain valid.

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) gave Tencent the green light to resume updates, South China Morning Post reported on December 17.

The list of approved apps includes WeCom and QQ Music, which has already gotten a new version on the App Store. Tencent will also be able to update several mobile games, although their names remain unknown.

The MIIT suspended Tencent from releasing new apps and updates at the end of November, as Tencent’s products allegedly violated the interests of users and had some issues with the protection of personal data.

China has made its regulation on the games industry tighter over the last few months. According to the latest reports, the rules will become similar to the ones applied to TV shows and films.