Popular streamers have refused to take part in the upcoming Genshin Impact event on Twitch. It happened after miHoYo put forward a list of requirements that a lot of content creators found too strict.

miHoYo recently announced a two-week event called “Adventurers’ Guild on Twitch” that will start on November 25. Genshin Impact players will be able to get the Wings of Feasting glider, which previously was exclusively available for Chinese users as a part of the KFC campaign.

As miHoYo explained, players will get the item if they pay a Twitch streamer a two-month subscription ($10). It should be a content creator that agreed to participate in the event.

A lot of streamers, however, don’t want to collaborate with miHoYo due to a wild list of requirements. As popular content creator TecTone revealed on YouTube, the Chinese studio doesn’t allow content creators that want to participate in the event to play other games, make sponsorship deals, and say anything negative about Genshin Impact for two weeks.

On top of that, miHoYo said it won’t pay anything to content creators for their participation as they will eventually get money from premium subscriptions.

TecTone noted that small streamers might agree on these terms, and it would be fine. “If you sign this contract and you are not a small content creator, you should be ashamed of yourself,” he said.