Genshin Impact’s community has been making a lot of content and art ever since the game’s launch. And now they have full rights to sell fan-made merchandise, thanks to miHoYo’s newly issued guidelines. There are a few restrictions, but the rules are still quite friendly.

On November 9, miHoYo shared details about its merchandise policy on the game’s forum, saying that it shouldn’t violate relevant laws or harm the reputation of the studio or Genshin Impact.

Fans also won’t be able to trademark content based on the game in any country or region.

Here are the rest of the rules:

  • Fan groups must declare their merchandise products only if the quantity exceeds 200 units (500 units for individuals);
  • Players are free to sell comics, novels, and magazines if they comply with laws and regulations of their country;
  • Fans can’t describe their content as “original Genshin Impact product,” as customers should always know that it is fan-made merchandise;
  • Players must declare for authorization of toys, dolls, and other plastic figures;
  • Original screenshots or in-game elements can be only used as gifts to friends and can’t be sold;
  • miHoYo also noted that it “will not charge a copyright fee for all successfully declared merchandise.”

Fans were mostly happy to see this initiative from the Genshin Impact developers. Some people even called miHoYo an “Anti-Nintendo,” considering a lot of cases when the Japanese company blocked or sued fans for producing different content.