Roblox has been unavailable for players for three days, which led to the decline of the average time spent in the app by 93% from October 29 to 31. A few rival apps and games, however, saw a rise in their usage rate thanks to this outage.

  • According to Sensor Tower, Minecraft’s usage increased by 2% week-over-week after Roblox’s outage, while Among Us saw a 6% rise over the same period.
  • Time spent in Among Us rose by 12% on October 29, with its mobile downloads peaking at 436K on October 30 (+19% from the previous week). As the analysts pointed out, it was the best day for the game in terms of downloads since April 4.
  • Roblox’s outage also helped Twitch, which had an 11% increase in average session count week-over-week. Time spent in streaming app rose 8% over the same period.

Roblox went down on October 28, affecting millions of players across the globe. The game went back online on October 31. While the company said that it identified the root cause, it didn’t specify the specific reasons for the outage.