Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat hits 666,666 pre-registrations as DMC mobile spin-off approaches global launch

Mobile action game Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, previously available only in China, is approaching its global launch. Here are some metrics and other details about the title developed by Chinese studio NebulaJoy and supervised by Capcom.

Mobile hack and slash game Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat hits 666,666 pre-registrations

On June 27, NebulaJoy announced that Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat has hit a “devilish milestone.” The game now has 666,666 pre-registrations on mobile.

What is Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat?

At its core, Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is a free-to-play hack and slash game that features characters from the main DMC titles. The roster currently includes Dante, Vergil, Lady, and Nero.

While the gameplay is similar to console and PC versions, there are some limitations to it in terms of available styles and weapons. Unlike the original titles, DMC: Peak Combat also features a PvP mode and roguelike elements.

Due to its free-to-play nature, the game has additional monetization, including gacha mechanics. However, in-game economy may still change before the full launch.

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat version 2.0 will come out in China on July 6. The global version is expected to launch later this year.

How did Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat perform in China?

The news about the development of a mobile game in the Devil May Cry series appeared in 2017, when Chinese developer NebulaJoy (then Yunchang Games) acquired the IP rights from Capcom.

In June 2021, Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat soft-launched in China as 鬼泣 — 巅峰之战. According to AppMagic, it has generated over $7.3 million from in-app purchases and surpassed 2.4 million downloads.

However, the game’s revenue has been declining ever since its soft launch. NebulaJoy cited the lack of new content and characters, as well as gameplay issues as one of the reasons for the poor performance. That’s why the studio decided to revise its live ops strategy and started working on version 2.0.

Lifetime revenue of the Chinese version of Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat (via AppMagic)

Who are NebulaJoy?

  • Founded in 2013 by Bobby Gao, NebulaJoy currently has offices in China and Japan. The studio has developed several mobile games, most of which were based on already existing franchises.
  • In addition to Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, NebulaJoy’s portfolio includes titles like The Degenerate III and One Piece: Burning Will.
  • According to the studio’s official website, it is also working on a mobile game based on popular IPs such as Mega Man (in partnership with Capcom) and Batman.
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