Quantic Dream has won the libel case against French newspaper Le Monde, which published claims by the studio’s employees of alleged harassment, homophobia, racism, and sexism in the workplace.

In early 2018, three media outlets Le Monde, Mediapart and Canard PC published reports alleging a toxic workplace environment at Quantic Dream. The studio denied the allegations and sued Le Monde and Mediapart for libel, while no legal action was launched against Canard PC.

Fast-forward to 2021, the Detroit: Become Human developer has won the case against Le Monde. As explained by Solidaires Informatique, Le Monde failed to prove certain details of its coverage without disclosing its anonymous sources among the devs.

Website Mediapart, on the other hand, was cleared of any libel charges, with the court ruling that the outlet’s reporting contained no ungrounded accusations.

Updated September 22: The court reportedly dismissed all Quantic Dreams’ claims against both outlets and acknowledged the “quality of the journalists’ work.” According to the STJV, The studio’s bosses Guillaume de Fondaumière and David Cage only won as individuals against Le Monde.