Bandai Namco has revealed that its new RPG Tales of Arise has sold over 1 million copies globally in just a week. It helped bring the total shipments of the famous Japanese series to 25 million units.

Tales of Arise became the fastest-selling title in the franchise, Bandai Namco reported. The company noted that it counted both physical and digital copies.

The history of the Tales of series spans 25 years, back to when the first game came out on SNES in December 1995. Tales of Arise is the 17th installment in the franchise. It tells the story of two characters, Shionne and Alphen, who come from two divided worlds.

The game performed well on Steam, attracting over 45,000 peak concurrent players on Steam at launch. Since then, it has peaked at more than 60,000 concurrent players. On top of that, Tales of Arise also became the best-selling game on Steam last week.

According to Bandai Namco, it managed to increase the fan base of the series by localizing the game to 11 languages. The company also plans to expand the franchise to mobile with Tales of Luminaria, which was announced for iOS and Android in August.