Aleksey Savchenko, a former business development manager at Epic Games, has announced his new project aimed at bringing more justice into the games industry. It is a legal and consulting service to help developers avoid the pitfalls of relationships with large companies.

Savchenko made the announcement on his Facebook page. The new service, which has already secured funding, will be launched in October.

The project will help developers that were “screwed by the small font in the contract,” wronged in their workplace, or just want to start business properly while getting into relationships with other industry entities.

“First, there is no need to be afraid of anything,” Savchenko wrote in the follow-up post. “Secondly, each of us can stand up for what we believe in. Sometimes you only need a couple of good people, who would just stop being silent and do something to change the place we all have chosen as our home for the better. […] I will make every effort to gather all the caring people in the industry together; I will figure out how to support developers and will stand on this naïve belief that banal justice should exist in our space.

During his 22 years in the games industry, Aleksey Savchenko saw countless cases of developers being deprived of rights to their games, having problems with payments, and facing direct humiliation like it is all normal.

He also asked every person who wants to join the project financially to contact him on Facebook or via email.