Ubisoft has addressed last year’s abuse accusations in its latest Universal Registration Document. The company acknowledged high risks of failing to hire and retain talent due to its internal problems.

Axios shared the news on July 8, reporting on Ubisoft’s annual 348-page Universal Registration Document.

Key points

  • Ubisoft stated that it takes all the allegations seriously and tries to improve its work culture. According to the document, this scandal could lead to a “decrease in activity in our gaming, and in revenue.”
  • According to GamesIndustry.biz, the document also reads that this behavior might lead to “loss of talent, an obstacle to its attractiveness and to retention of talent, loss of efficiency, damage to the reputation and image of the group.”
  • Ubisoft noted that it hired a VP of global diversity and inclusion, as well as a chief people officer. These people will help improve its ability to “develop and retain talented people.”
  • The company also stated that toxic culture could lead to financial penalties.
  • Ubisoft stated that it tries to improve its work culture by holding “mandatory training on harassment and sexism.”
  • As these allegations led to firings of some key top managers, Ubisoft is now experiencing delays in decision-making and postponement of expenses.

Ubisoft faced accusations of harassment last year, which made the company’s CEO Yves Guillemot outline a few steps to change the toxic working environment. However, a recent report found out that few things have changed ever since. In May, Guillemot also proclaimed a year of change, hoping to build a better Ubisoft.

In other news about the company, Ubisoft announced Assassin’s Creed Infinity, which might become a live service platform, earlier this week. Jason Schreier first reported on the game, also writing a few words about the company’s ongoing internal issues.